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We Thrill To Chill

Welcome to CoolAir Inc. – your friendly neighbourhood comfort experts since 1933. CoolAir Inc is authorised service provider and multiple manufacturers’ dealer for a wide range of products. The CoolAir Inc team of qualified, trained, experienced, EPA and OSHA certified technicians and surveyors are ever ready to serve you. Schedule an appointment. Today.
Thru-the-Wall Air Conditioning
Shut out the unwanted cold draft. Bring in the landscape beyond the window. Avoid the hassle of seasonal storage. Beautify the look of your room with our expert through-the-wall AC sleeve installation technique, carried out by highly trained professionals. To know about hole-cutting.
Service is our forte. Our service personnel have a wide range of experience to handle your personal comfort needs. Customisation of installation and service requirements is our top priority. CoolAir Inc. is Authorized service provider for multiple brands. CoolAir Services CoolAIr Inc....
Room AC. Split System. Central AC. PTAC. Vertical Packaged Units. All these and more. To meet your heating and air conditioning needs, CoolAir Inc offers a wide range of market leading popular brands of products for residential and commercial applications.