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CoolAIr Inc. provides a wide range of customer-oriented services. CoolAir Inc. has trained personnel certified by OSHA and EPA. We are an authorized Warranty Service Centre for FRIEDRICH and FRIGIDAIRE air conditioners.

Servicing & Maintenance

CoolAir Inc is a strong believer in after-sales-service. Be it Installation, Commissioning, Repairs or Servicing, we are there to serve you. As AC units go more hi-tech, they require skilled handling and expertise, provided to you by our especially company- trained and authorised Service and Maintenance team.To keep your comfort companion in good and running condition, sign up for our Annual Maintenance Contract

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Thru-The-Wall AC Installation

CoolAIr Inc specialises in installation of Through-the-wall Sleeve Air conditioners.

Wall sleeves simplify installation and make movement of the heavy Air conditioner easy and simple. CoolAir Inc invites you to browse how this is done.

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Pre-Season Cleaning Service

CoolAir Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner ()PTAC products provide year-round comfort in multi-rrom, multi-storey buildings such as hotels, motels, office buildings, apartments,dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes and schools. CoolAir offers a broad selection of PTAC products in the industry to meet your new construction and replacement applications.

PTACs with a width of 42' and a shallow depth flush with the exterior wall for a clean, streamlined appearance.

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Winter Storage Service

Come Winter, it is time to give some rest to your comfort companion. How? Don't worry. Call us. Our trained staff will do it for you. The CoolAir Inc. trained technician and service personnel will service your Air conditioner -clean the filters, blow out the dust, pack and store it properly in our vast temperature-controlled warehouse facility, keeping it ready to be installed as soon as the weather changes.

Storing the Air conditioner is environment-friendly and prolongs the life of your unit. Schedule an appointment today.

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